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The Validad team consists of several software engineers and marketing experts with a long-year experience in a variety of areas. Validad's mission is to develop high performing IT solutions based on experience, continuous innovation and state-of-the-art quality standards for maximum customer satisfaction.

Nikolaus Henckel
Founder and CEO

Nikolaus (CEO & CFO) is co-founder and strategic mastermind. IT inapt, he covers our back from administrational, financial and legal issues. Despite law degree and MBA he makes a good office maintenance man. Nikolaus is happily married and has three boys.

Boyan Sabev

Boyan designs distinguished Online Marketing Campaigns and helps optimize our clients' conversion rates.

Thomas Klausner
Founder and CTO

Thomas has been working professionally in the back-end area for over 20 years. He started the first Austrian Perl Workshop and has been organizing and presenting at different conferences ever since.

Elke Winter
Customer Support

Elke Winter is our friendly voice towards healthcare partners.

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